I'm Natalie Norton,

An artist living here on the Isle of Man. I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I mainly work in fine pen and ceramics but love to try any new media I can.


Over the last few years as my house slowly filled up with my artwork (at the insistence of my husband) I began to sell some of my artwork. Seeing other people get enjoyment and pleasure from something you have created is an amazing feeling which has driven me on to create even more ( I guess that backfired on him).

At the moment I have to balance my artwork with being a mother of 2 amazing children and my day job but one day would love to do this full time.

I draw inspiration from some of the amazing local landscapes and vistas that we are lucky to have surround us here on the Isle of Man.

I'm keen to extend my inspiration to some other views, as soon as the budget for research (holidays) allows. I hope you enjoy the site and my artwork. Thanks for looking and if anyone would like to help out with my "research" budget see the link to my etsy shop. Thanks again.

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